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Oral Hygiene

₱470 Ex Tax: ₱470

 DESCRIPTION: Smile with Ivimile`s high quality activated coconut charcoal powder which has 2x natural whitening powder that latches on your teeth, leaving you with a polished and clean mout..

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H21 PHIL (Preorder) Colgate Optic White Renewal Toothpaste 4.1 oz (116g) 4-pack
₱1,000 Ex Tax: ₱1,000

ITEM LOCATION:  Philippines.  Preorder now with a downpayment to save this product for you and then we will notify you once the product is in our inventory in the Philippines.  We will ..

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Skinless Dried Squid (Pusit)
₱249 Ex Tax: ₱249

First Class Special Dried SquidSundried special squid that is Naturally Sweet & Tasty. A Filipino breakfast favorite usually dipped in vinegar and paired with rice and tomatoes.Clean and fres..

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Teeth Whitening Powder Natural Organic Activated Charcoal
₱150 Ex Tax: ₱150

Containing Whitening Ingredient:It could remove the stains resulted from smoking and drinking tea in a more effective way, and make your teeth white and glare.Unique Activate Formula: The formula coul..

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