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Let’s talk about how to achieve a GLOWING, YOUTHFUL, BEAUTIFUL SKIN!!! There are 4 things that you need to have a HEALTHY SKIN: 1. HEALTHY DIET 2. GOOD SLEEP 3. LOTS OF WATER 4. AND GOOD SKINCARE PRODUCTS When it comes to skincare we believe that “LESS IS MORE” – you do not need to put so many products on your face to have a good skin. REMEMBER: Too much can cause clogging of the pores and skin irritation! VIP INTERNATIONAL has 3 EXCELLENT PRODUCTS to help you have a healthier, younger and more radiant complexion. Just 3 products!! STEP 1. SUPREME YOUTH SOAP This is not the ordinary commercial soap that you buy in the market. This soap is EXTRAORDINARILY SPECIAL. • It is HANDCRAFTED SOAP MADE BY SOAP MASTERS. Made with love and passion for OLD TRADITIONAL SOAPMAKING. Everything is made by hand from mixing, cutting and wrapping each and every soap. • COLD-PROCESSED SOAP – commercial soaps are made using HOT PROCESS METHOD, the main ingredient is SOAP NOODLES which is processed using a machine, it is cooked and the active enzymes that are added during the process is compromised. On the other hand OUR SOAP is created using COLD PROCESS METHOD – hindi ito dumaan sa makina, it is made of 100% PURE COCONUT OIL mixed with Natural Herbal Ingredients to create a great soap. It is NOT COOKED, thus the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS ARE KEPT ALIVE AND ACTIVE. Ang sabon ay parang gulay kapag niluto ang nutrients nito ay maaring mamatay or mabawasan. Pero kapag ito ay FRESH SALAD - mas buhay at mas mabisa. Yan ang KOMBUCHA SOAP – an honest to goodness natural herbal soap. STEP 2. SUPREME GLOW TONER After washing your face with our SUPREME YOUTH SOAP, then apply this revolutionary, ONE OF A KIND, SUPREME GLOW TONER • Some people think TONER is not important because SOAP is enough to cleanse skin- NOT TRUE! A TONER is a VERY IMPORTANT step in a SKINCARE ROUTINE. • TONER removes deep-seated dirt, it unclogs pores of impurities, which is something a soap cannot do. • TONER refines pores- it tightens pores for a flawless-looking skin. • TONER DISINFECTS skin, kills bacteria-causing pimples. It also prevents INFLAMMATION • And the most UNIQUE FUNCTION of our SUPREME GLOW TONER is it is powered by LUMICEASE™ blue light filter that prepares, protects and repairs the skin from solar and artificial blue light-induced damage. Let me explain this further… Everyday our skin is exposed to the sun that emits UVA and UVB rays, both are damaging our skin. UVA causes skin AGING while UVB causes BURNING. But another harmful LIGHT is BLUE LIGHT which is emitted by our cellphones, television, computer, etc. which damages our RETINA, CAUSES SLEEP DISORDERS and has a NEGATIVE EFFECT ON OUR HEALTH. Thus this revolutionary TONER filters the blue light. You can take it everywhere you go, to your office, inside the plane- so you can spray it anytime you need protection against environmental hazards. STEP 3. SUPREME RADIANCE FACE OIL Now the 3rd and last step in your Skincare Routine-let me present to you a BEAUTY OIL that will be a Life-Changer to all of you. This is exclusively formulated with the FINEST INGREDIENTS: KOMBUCHA to boost skin immune system to stay healthy, MATCHA GREEN TEA to moisturize and neutralize free radicals, plus other antioxidants and nutrients like: SUNFLOWER OIL, GRAPE SEED OIL, LAVENDER OIL and SQUALANE. A TINY DROP OF THIS OIL WILL GO A LONG WAY!!! • First it will DEEPLY MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN. It contains SUNFLOWER OIL • It will also REFINE YOUR PORES so you will have FLAWLESS-LOOKING SKIN. • It will kill bacteria causing pimples. Will also prevent INFLAMMATION and REDNESS. • It will promote YOUTH and VITALITY. Helps promote firmness and elasticity para you will look 10 years younger than your real age. This OIL works for any skin type. Even OILY SKIN needs moisture. It is an Oil but it DOES NOT feel greasy at all! Smooth it on your skin, and instantly your skin feels velvety smooth like a PETAL OF A ROSE. APPLY it at night time, then wake up the next day with SMOOTH, SUPPLE, RADIANTLY GLOWING SKIN! Use all these 3 products day and night, everyday! BELIEVE and YOU WILL BE AMAZED with the results!!